The Way
Christian Church

Reaching the lost - 

Teaching the saved - Helping those with need

Our "Year in Review" 2017

Our Ministries

Teaching/Worship Ministry

Learn God's Word - Receive Power for life! 

Through in-depth bible teachings we build strong foundations in which Christians can grow.

Free on Sunday Morning? 

Drop in sometime! 

We just might do church THE WAY you like it!

The Way "Out"reach Ministry

Showing the world Christ's love -through action.

At The Way, our desire isn't  to simply talk about our's to display it.  Through The Way "Out" ministry, we turn our faith into action by serving those in need.

The term that best describes this ministry is "disciples on the move"!

GateWay Children's Ministry

Training them up in The Way they should go! 


We place a high value on teaching our next generation the truth of God's word.  For we know if it's not too early for them to be exposed to the world and all its problems then its not too early for them to be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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The Way Christian Church

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Sundays at 10:30 a.m.